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40 Days of Awesome: Day 6

Wood Finish Whisky

I don’t drink whisky much, but when I do I stick to a few old faithfuls. Talisker, MacAllan and Lagavulin are the favourites and lovely one a cold winter’s night with a half 80 or IPA. However, a friend once offered me a Port Cask Glenmorangie a few years ago and I have to say that its something I would drink more often.

For those of you who haven’t experienced these before, I highly recommend. Basically, the whisky is matured as normal for 10 years in Oak casks. It is then finished off in barrels which once held Port (or indeed Sherry, Madeira) for a further 2 years and it is this process which gives it a distinctive, sweeter taste.

A few other distilleries have done something similar, but I think that Glenmorangie was the first to get something out to the mass market, or at least it was for me.

Right now, with the stinking cold I am cultivating (hence the lateness of Day 6), the thought of cracking open my own bottle for a toddy (or just for a warm half) is very tempting.

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