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40 Days of Awesome: Day 13

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

At college, my favourite was a pint of Special (or Heavy) which is basically a dark, watery substance which is tasty and cold. Gets you drunk too. When I moved to Edinburgh, I dabbled with more creamier brews with some substance; together with IPA, bitters were a good move for me. Plus, I got right into real ale.

Everything went fine, and other than picking up a slight appreciation for wine (although I am NOT a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination) everything was safe.

Then Kate introduced me to Sierra Nevada and all bets were off. A wonderful beer, brewed in the US, with such a great robust flavour; spicy tastes giving a warmth for the cold nights and a freshness for the warm. Within only a few pints, it took pride of place at the top of my favourite beer list.

Of course over here its not as easy to buy any, and when you do get it it is expensive. But its worth it, and I know I will be picking up a few for the Holiday season. Watching the Queen’s Speech will be infinitely more palatable with Sierra Nevada in my hand.

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