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40 Days of Awesome: Day 12

(Action) Half-Life

Half Life was arguably one of the best games ever. The single player campaign was superb and absorbing; slightly frustrating too when you had to bash head crabs with a crowbar. The multi-player was nothing short of fantastic fun, and many a lunchtime was spent playing in the office all those years ago. Of course this was turned up a notch when one erstwhile person found a fully mod version called Action Half-Life.

Instantly, crowbars were replaced with knives that could be flung; double handed pistols replaced the more boring single handgun and… oh my, getting to dive and shoot at the same time? Hot.

Of course after playing this version over several suitable maps (Chinatown anyone?) there was little chance of going back to the original version.

Now, can we all remember the names we chose?

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