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40 Days of Awesome: Day 10

JLA/JSA Team Ups

Isn’t it always the same?

You and your pals get together with some other friends (and in most cases alternative versions of yourselves) from another universe once a year. As part of this annual catch up, amidst the cheese pineapple hedgehog and prawn cocktails some threat appears which could destroy both worlds. What ya gonna do, other than team up and save the world(s)… again. Le sigh.

In reality, the annual Justice League and Justice Society team ups were some of my favourite comics of the time, especially when they teamed up against the Secret Society of Supervillains, or brought in a third string such as All Star Squadron, New Gods or Legion of Superheroes. These were huge stories, with a wide, rotating cast of characters; meat and potatoes to a young boy growing up in Scotland and getting into the whole Superhero comic thang.

There have been a few attempts to recreate the team-ups, but nothing has stuck. We live in a different age though, one with multi-part crossovers and huge universe changing Crises. Surely there’s some place left for a return to the fun, annual event.

Huh? Whatdya say DC?

In the meantime, pennies will be saved for the DC Classics Library or some of the volumes of Crisis on Multiple Earths.

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