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40 Days of Awesome: Day 1

Today, I turn 40.

Okay, thats that out of the way. I haven’t posted for a while, and so after some recent soul searching and even the implementation of an ancient and strange mathematical calculation, I thought that I would set myself a challenge which would also get me back to posting. Taking the fact that I am now 40 and that (including today) there are 40 days until Christmas, my challen is to list 40 awesome things, one a day. These all mean something to me, and I’m sure at least one person out there will like each one (but not all) so sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Persuaders

Perhaps my favourite TV programme of all time, The Persuaders was a 70s show starring the double hander and quadruple fist of Tony Curtis and Roger Moore as rich, self made men who also happened to be detectives. Queue intrigue, exotic locations, casinos, fighting, dodgy accents, foppishness and lots and lots of bikini clad women. For a boy in his formative and pre-teen years you can see why it would be a magical world, and not a lightning bolt on the forehead in sight.

Unfortunately it only lasted on of your Earth TV seasons, but while there were only a limited number of episodes, each one was packed to the gunnels with what I can only describe as “The Good Stuff”. Add to that a cracking theme tune by the legendary John Barry and truly wonderful opening titles – detailing how both men grew up in very different social backgrounds but ultimately were able to have women swooning and the chins of hairy eastern europeans bruise their knuckles – and I would have to reclassify as “The Awesome Stuff”.

Click on the link below for the stunning, stunning titles.

Persuaders Titles

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