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Comics I Might Have Purchased 39 Years Ago Today: 16th Sep 1970


Interesting. He’s scared of the hot silhouette, but okay to have the old crone hold the door open? Maybe its the silhouette’s puffy shoulder pads. That would do it for me.

Nice to see Superboy Whine way back when. Wuss.

So, they key that this all hinges on, is that Thor is talking at the same time or before the wolf makes his aarrrrrrhh sound and… oh what the hell, its Black Bison crossing over to the Marvel Universe and bringing Wildcat’s son. Hail Geekery!

I have to say, Marvel titles in the 70s were much better. And how about “I spent Midnight with the Monster on Bald Mountain” for a euphemism?


I like the trouser suit. It would have made a nice change to the upskirt shots the Maid of Might has been most synonymous for.

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