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Comics I Might Have Bought 22 Years Ago Today: 9th September 1987

captain_atom_vol_1_7Yeah, this one doesn’t look good Captain Atom.  Sliced across the midrift and … wait, is that water? Could it be that he’s not really made of nuclear waste, but instead is some sort of camel? Captain Paddling Pool may be closer to the mark.

Uh.. sorry. Medication time.


Now here’s a teaser. Why is it that Marvel couldn’t print this story until now (then)? Were there legal shenanigans? Was it because Thor had been healing a new face in Stadt? Had Enchantress’ gravity defying dress fallen in battle?


Yeah. Need to find this one. Seriously, I do.

daredevilv1246There’s something neat about this cover. Why is there a cab and not a building being blown to smithereens? Thats not something you see on a day to day basis. Plus, its obviously moving, so is the cabbie toast? Where did the left front wheel go? Come on comics publishers – this is the stuff to get us interested!


To finish a tribute to Paul Levitz from Sept ’87. Good luck in your new endeavours sir.

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