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Comics I Might Have Bought 39 Years Ago Today: 19th August 1970


I love how the dog is sniffing around Hobo-flash. We all know what he’s thinking don’t we? “How brittle must this man’s bones be to be able to run so fast?”


Peter, you’re friends are freaking out right now. Not sure if its because of the huge Spider-man behind you all waiting to give you a bear hug of death, or because you’re too self absorbed to notice.


Wasn’t there an Earth-2 Batman, or was he dead by this time? Are the Justice League sure they’re being crushed or are they just itchy? Why is Batman smiling on that left column? Why is Black Canary’s wig so poor? So many questions, but really isn’t it more fun not to know the real answers?


This explains so much don’t you think? Nice hooves.

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