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What I Might Have Bought 32 Years Ago Today: July 29th 1970


I wonder if he would have done this if Lex was the boss at the time? You also have to wonder, if you are President of the United States, would you trust a guy who came and said “If I go mad and endanger the world…” or might you think he had already got there and not trust him? Perhaps you might want to test it out or use the hand Kryptonite bullet that you have in your top drawer. Either way, you would ensure that Lois stayed under the desk just in case.



Don’t worry DD, they’ll dig it up in a million years and use super CSI technology to figure out who did it. Of course they won’t be able to arrest the Woolly Mammoth gang because they’ll be long dead. Still, they can wrap up the case quite easily and then get blind drunk.


It occurs that Superman related covers appear here more often than not. I think thats got to be because they are the most interesting looking, don’t you think?

This one of course has him naked in a capsule of some sort, about to be blasted to his death. Of course, that happens pretty regularly so my focus is on why the hell his costume is such a big deal and moreover why there are so many balding 50 something men bidding on it? You know as well as I do, if this happened right now, there would be 40,000 slavering fanboys who would be pushing to the front of the queue to get their hands on the Big S’ kit. Still, thats the 70s for ya.


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