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What I Might Have Bought 28 Years Ago Today


So many mysteries to be solved here. What is going on with that mailbox? Why the upskirt shot on the statue? What in Sam Hill is an Abscam? Is it the 80s equivalent of Nigerian emails?



Truly this was a Bizarre comic as it included the X-Men. How odd. Also, first time I’ve seen Iceman portrayed as see through.


Did the entire issue have the Titans as puppets wandering about knocking into things, moving in very deliberate and slow ways? Or did Kori just wish Dick could be more like Pinocchio?



Included here because I am extremely excited by the fact that DC are releasing a Showcase volume of the first 25 issues in October. Hot damn, I am excited and if anyone out there would like to buy me it in time for my birthday then please go ahead.

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