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What I May Have Bought 21 Years Ago Today – 8th July 1987

An occassional feature where our hero ruminates on what he might have bought if he stumbled into a comics shop some time in the past.

I’m not sure if I’m concerned that so many books this month 21 years ago seem so fetishised, or that I think they are. Probably won’t spend too much time analysing that.


Everyone knows that Galactus did something funky to tie the Silver Surfer to the Earth when he disobeyed him. What you don’t know is that they struck a deal and Norrin was once more given the freedom to cruise the stars but only if he picked up exotic alien women and let his master watch.


Loving the chainmail variation there, especially with the dinky anklet. However, would it have killed this obviously world conquering “mistress” to wear some heels with it?


Yes he’s in some sort of phantom state (I can’t quite remember how Strange’s powers work, other than they are not normal – hence Strange) but does his floatiness require that sort of hand posing or has he been caught short mid epic battle and found that someone has fogotten to stock up on paper towels? Enquiring minds need to know.

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