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What I May Have Bought 11 Years Ago Today To See A Comic Book Death

Bit of a change this week, because as I was researching July 1998 I found that, other than having a vast number of unappetising books, it also had a notable death and a cover which has Death literally written large.




Of course when I say notable death, its taken with the proverbial pinch of comic book salt.

However, in the case of Incredible Hulk #466 it does look as though Betty Ross Banner died. She’s been resurrected once but apparently the resurrection was a hallucination or whatever induced by Nightmare. Naughty Nightmare.

Anyway, other than Ultimate Betty no others exist. The first Betty Ross Banner died here and has never come back to my knowledge. Hmm. Maybe she’s Rulk?


This next one is a bit of a cheat. Death, emblazoned across the cover with Prysm (yes, I had to look that up) lying inside those fear inducing words with what was probably Deathstroke’s sword in her gut.

Did she die in this issue?

Did she buggery.

However, the Veil (3,500 of them) were destroyed completely this issue.

Which is a plus I suppose.

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