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Wednesday Why: Worst of the Worst

Public service? Keeping travellers at home for their holidays than going somewhere exotic? Or just a laugh with a  tinge of cringe?

There has to be a reason for this as there are now 2 sites that focus on horrendous toilets of the world.

Virtual Travellers top hotspots


Congratulations goes to China for this extraordinary achievement in lactrinal repulsiveness. It even warrents two photos.

Located below a tiny truckers guesthouse in some unnamed village in central China, having aquired the key you entered through horrifying curtains of cobwebs like an Indiana Jones movie. The foot blocks can be seen and its simply a matter of squating down and thinking of England and not the spiders above your head.

Of course there are now awards for the worst of the worst, which sort of defeats the point doesn’t it? Anyway, check out Titanicawards to find out (and vote for) worst toilets, beer, cruiseship etc, etc.
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