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As-yet-untitled Thursday: The Superhero in Retirement

Gail Simone and Neil Googe gave us their vision of the Superhero in retirement with Welcome to Tranquility, but what of our more iconic heroes? How will Superman, Hulk, Wonder Woman and Captain America fare as they slip closer to decrepitude?

The answers came thick and fast today as I Googled for something a little different, and found some caricatures of aged heroes by Donald Soffritti. Of course being my organised self I lost the link, so when I googled again I found a blog piece about an exhibition in France (Vraoum a la Maison Rouge) which featured a photographic representation of superhero retirement.

Here are both in all their glory with links to artist (there’s a book as well called Decadence which I’m trying to find) and the exhibition. Enjoy, and while you’re at it, perhaps now’s the time to think of your own pension. You’ll need something special tucked away* so you never end up like these poor saps.

Vraoum a la Maison Rouge

Donald Soffritti’s Blog

*Perhaps a gun.
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