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As-Yet-Untitled Thursday: Steve Rogers doesn't want to come back

As you may know, this week sees the beginning of Captain America: Reborn which purports to be the re-introduction of Steve Rogers as Captain America. However, it would appear that one person didn’t know about this until a few days ago and isn’t that thrilled.


Dear Joe,

Hope you are well. Its been a while hasn’t it?

Just a quick note to discuss my impending resurrection, or rather the cancelling thereof. I’m not best pleased with whats been going on in the past few weeks and I have to ask that you stop this train because I don’t want to come back.

Its not that I’m ungrateful for what you or the Marvel team have done for me over the years. Together we enjoyed some whizzo adventures spanning the decades, and while I still can’t walk past an ice cream parlour without feeling sick to my stomach, there were some great times. Avengers/Defenders War; Contest of Champions; Korvac; Secret  Wars.

The Nomad thing? Not so much.

I’m just having such a nice time out here in the Cayman Islands. Smuggling me out the back door was the best thing that could have happened to me, and I can sit on the endless beaches sipping virgin marys ’til the cows come home. The talent here is something else as well, and  the hardest thing I have to deal with each day is which shirt to wear or what spa treatment to take.

In any case, Bucky is doing a first class job. He’s like a breath of fresh air and looks pretty good in his shiny costume which, to be honest, almost made me want to come back as those threads are stylin’. But I digress. I don’t need to have my name and image (dying on those steps  – really, Joe? Really?) plastered all over the Times or the Poughkeepsie Examiner.  So, I’m out.

Best to you and the gang. Don’t call any more.


Steve Rogers

FKA Captain America

PS Next time you talk to Millar, tell him I can spell.

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