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What I Might Have Bought 28 Years Ago Today – 24th June 1981

An irregular (although getting more regular) spot whereby our hero highlights books that he may or may not have purchased – on new comics day several years ago – if he had been so inclined.


Ah, June 1981. Major League Baseball goes on strike; the Iranian president is deposed and we the first recognised case of AIDs is revealed. More importantly, 3 Marvel Superheroes could be about to bite the big one thanks to the rambunctuous Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime. It looks as though some sort of human canonball has targetted The Thing; a firebreather looks to be set to melt Iceman and Giant Man is going to be driven to dizzy distraction by a clown on a unicycle.  Things don’t look good for Bill Foster, especially when he’s not really named as part of the Two-In-One team up.

However, thanks to history, we know he survives this battle. Unfortunately only to be taken out by the most ridiculously named character * in the history of ridiculously named characters, Clor in Civil War.

* Save for Rulk





Don’t worry readers. Zatanna found them down the back of the sofa.

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