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What I May Have Bought 11 Years Ago Today

An irregular spot whereby our hero highlights books that he may or may not have purchased – on new comics day several years ago – if he had been so inclined.


I mean, can you imagine the sort of information and experience Jabba The Hut could give you about Business and Sales? Carbonite freezing poor performers; dressing up secretaries as slave girls; hiding sandwiches from business lunches under folds of flesh so you can have them for dinner too?

Could he be the interstellar equivalent of The Apprentice? Is this now the core text for MBA courses? If not, why not?


Oh look, fussy covers. Nice. Actually, fuzzy covers but on second thoughts fussy might be better. In my defence it is hard to show a hologram cover but if you stand well back and squint you can see that when Clark Kent takes off his glasses he morphs into Superman and flies away.You may also see his flies are open.

Squint hard mind.

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