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What I May Have Bought 28 Years Ago Today

An irregular spot whereby our hero highlights books that he may or may not have purchased – on new comics day several years ago – if he had been so inclined.


There are a few things here which, depending on my mood and the clarity of my perception, could disturb me. Firstly Lois seems to have abandoned all credibility and setback the women’s movement by several decades. Or perhaps she’s decided to take the cause forward and is an early adopter of frottage. Does Superman give a stuff about Lois, or does he just despise her taste in cocktail dresses? Why are all of the people grinning inanely? What do they know that we, the poor unsuspecting reader don’t?

Either way, this is a cracking cover and a true demonstration of them not making them like they used to.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen; the comic book adaptation of James Bond in “For Your Eyes Only”. If that wasn’t awesome enough, its written by Larry Hama and pencilled by Howard Chaykin. Howard Chaykin? How much better can you get than that? American Flagg/James Bond. Two sides of the same coin? Or not. Anyway, I remember seeing this film at the cinema and wishing I hadn’t, but to have read this adaptation…? Absolutely.

You know what? I’ll even throw in another June 1981 movie adaptation which I know I did buy.



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