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What I May Have Bought 17 Years Ago Today

An irregular spot whereby our hero highlights books that he may or may not have purchased – on new comics day several years ago – if he had been so inclined.



As if the cover wasn’t enough to draw me into buying this book, the plot has me positively gagging to pick up a back issue or give up comics altogether. I’m not really too sure how I feel about anything now:

For the first several pages, She-Hulk is skipping rope, apparently naked. Jen complains that a respected superhero and lawyer is being reduced to this due to a simple joke she made in the letters column.

Jen goes to pick Weezi up at the airport, but is surprised to find that Weezi had put on weight since last they met. As they fly home in Jen’s car, Weezi tells her that she has always had a bit of a weight problem. Back when she was the Blonde Phantom, she always got enough exercise to keep the pounds off, but after she retired she stopped watching her figure.

Suddenly Jen loses control of the steering! The car flies straight up into space! Weezi says that she thought Jen’s car was only capable of one trip through space, and it already had it! Jen says that’s right, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the car from flying into space!

Umm, yeah. I think if I had bought it, I would have run right back to the shop and got hold of this.



Ah, much better. I feel much calmer now.

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