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The Wednesday Why: Novelty Sweets

While carrying out our usual in depth research to find the very finest of strangeness on the Interweb, we were troubled to find these:


Now let me take you through my thought process:

This is a joke. Has to be. I bet if I Google it I’ll find lots of the usual humor sites with the same image.

I was 50% right: The Store (not safe for work). Unfortunately they’re all sold out of Spermies. However, this all got me thinking about why such things exist? I find it hard to believe that they are of any use in the bedroom department, unless you like to eat sweets in bed. No, the true raison d’etre must be as novelty presents for prospective husbands and wives, secret santees or (apologies, no pun intended) coming-of-age type scenarios such as 21st birthday parties or as a present on your first day of your first job.

Of course, that was before I found out the novelty sex candy industy is worth about $100 million a year.

Anyone feel like joining in on a new business venture?

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