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Friday Recommendation: Psychoville


Psychoville is a new black comedy mystery created by Steve Pemberton and Reece Sheersmith (one half of The League of Gentlemen). 5 characters based throughout the UK are sent a mysterious letter from a master blackmailer. What secrets do they hold and what does the blackmailer want from them?

Currently on the BBC, the show got into its stride straight away introducing the major players and giving hints to their dark and sad pasts. Shearsmith and Pemberton have created another group of grotesque characters and this time they are aided by solid performances by Dawn French and Jason Tompkins.

To add to the fun, there is a viral promotion which kicked off a few weeks ago and seems to be continuing throughout the run – check out the inbox on the Experience area which gives you clues to solve and websites to visit. Remember to turn up the volume on your machine to get the full effect. Heh.

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