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Friday Feelings – Fixing the Justice League: Part II

On Monday I jumped on the bandwagon a little to discuss the state of the Justice League of America and left things hanging a little by saying “we’re going to fix it”. I have to say that when I did so it was a spur of the moment thing, but following publication the idea began to take shape and the 24 hour bout of man flu cannot take all the credit. So, how am I going to fix the Justice League?

Why, make a pitch to DC Comics to take over the writing duties of course.

At this point in our proceedings, I’ll quite happily give you a few minutes to fully digest this statement and enjoy the hearty laugh which you no doubt are in the midst of enjoying. No rush. I’ve got time. Hear, have a look at this lovely cover by Ed McGuinness.


Wasn’t that nice?

So, I’m halfway through the manifesto and hope to publish this next week. It is not the most mightiest of tomes,  but I think it adequately captures what I’m trying to achieve and demonstrates a clear vision for where I want to take the Justice League. 

Don’t touch that dial!

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