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As-yet-untitled Thursday: Comics Solicitations Decrypted

Almost 3 years ago, Yourmomsbasement brought you a controversial view of the truth behind Marvel’s comic book solicitations. This scathing insight can be found here true believer:

Obviously we took some time to finish basking in the glory of our Webshite Award TM nomination, but (although we’ve tried) we can’t rest on our laurels for too long, so we have decided to revisit old ground and put a twist on it to lead to future glory. Look on it as polishing a turd if you will.

This time around, we have been researching into the actual meaning of some of the most common solicitation copy. These can influence your buying habits; with a few words you can be enraptured and drop major bank on product which may not deliver on its promise. In today’s economic climate we know your comics dollar, pound, euro and shekel is important, so to this end we have created this article to help you, the reader, to make an informed choice.

Solicitation Implied Meaning Real Meaning
Who is X? Wow.  A new character. You need to be in on this one reader. Here. Buy this comic. Ramp up those sales for a short term change. It’s no one you know anyway.
Who is the new Y? Wow.  Someone else taking on the mantle/wearing the cowl/picking up the shield. You need some of that. See above. But you know what; we aren’t going to tell you who it is yet. In fact, we may only reveal the identity some time in the future. Or not
What does the man/woman named only Z have to do with this? See, mystery. Named only Z, rather than just plain old Z. What is he/she up to? We still haven’t grabbed you with this person have we? Okay, one more attempt to boost sales of this flagging title. Christ, don’t make us break out the variants again.
Following last month’s shocking reveal… Wow. What happened last month? I’m going to need to get onboard. Heh. They’re hooked and maybe we’ll get some re-order action. Win/Win.
A Crossover Title Goes Here Tie In! This may be important in the grand scheme of things. May need to Byrne steal at least. Yeah. Tentative at best. Man, are we still milking this thing?
…and someone dies! Oh ho! A death you say? Any Giffen JLI characters in the book? Reminder to release “Dead means dead” memo again.
… the shocking revelation… Could be good for speculators. Anyone have the number of the New York Times?
Guest starring the JLA/Avengers! Yeah, not falling for that one. No one will fall for that one.
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