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As-Yet-Untitled Thursday: Batgirls a go-go


So, who is the new Batgirl going to be? Here are the latest betting odds ahead of the reveal some time around issue #4 of the new series.

Barbara Gordon:  Fan favorite but unless there is some sprinkling of deus ex machina pixie dust, unlikely.  10/1

Cassandra Cain:  A bit screwed up by Deathstroke and unlikely to spend much time caressing her yellow boots when putting them on. Seriously. 7/1

Helena Bertinelli : She was Batgirl at one time although actually pretended to be Batman. She doesn’t need the hassle. 50/1

Stephanie Brown: Spoiler. Robin. Spoiler. Dead, but actually hidden by the woman who pretended she let her die. Or something. A good outside bet. 13/1

Kate Kane: Batwoman now and awesome. Don’t mess. 1000/1

Selina Kyle: Catwoman and loving it. Doesn’t need another identity. 1000/1

WendyKutter: Well, didn’t look to healthy at the end of the Oracle miniseries but the paralysis could very likely be temprorary. Would go down like a cup of cold sick with fandom. Shoe-in. 4/7

Misfit: Uh, no. So it probably will be. Evens

Dr Leslie Thompkins:  Yeah. Perhaps she teams up with Aunt May and they rotate the cowl. 1,000,000/1

Jason Todd: An outsider, but perhaps when he fell off that train he had such horrific injuries that he had to have extensive plastic surgery, including gender reassignment. Yeah, that would really screw with Dick Grayson now wouldn’t it? 40/1

Whoever is under the spandex, and whether they have a mouth cut into their mask or not, DC will keep teasing us for quite some time to come. And there may be some time to change their mind, so how about helping me campaign for Jason Todd? Hmmm? Anyone? 

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