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The Wednesday Why: The Annual Triumph Bra

This morning it came to our attention that those bastions of female undergarments, Triumph International, create a unique bra every year for the Japanese market. This year’s effort is named the Japanese Marriage Bra and has a countdown clock which can only be stopped by the insertion of an engagement ring which has the added effect of kicking off a rendition of “The Wedding March”.


Apparently the reason behind this creation is the fact that Japan has a high rate of single women. Indeed.

Previous years have seen Triumph – a German company, big in Japan – create unique undergarments with titles such as The Solar Powered Bra, The Chopstick Bra and the Postal Bra. It is not known whether there are ever orders placed for these, or indeed if they are manufactured for sale. If so, who would buy such a garment and why?

Perhaps more importantly, will they or competitors ever turn their hand to male underwear? Images of the (literally) Explosive Torpedo Speedos or Newtons Cradle Boxer-briefs pervade the mind and lead it to almost immediate shutdown.

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