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Carpet Lovers

Ted sat in his cubicle waiting as the seconds ticked down to the end of his work day. It had been particularly busy, but that was a good thing as his day had seemed to move more swiftly than usual. Of course he had achieved absolutely nothing of any worth, with his own task list more than doubling during the course of the morning alone but by the end of the day he had pared those extra jobs back and put out one or two fires before they had been given any space to grow.

Four minutes to go and his hands were getting itchy, in the excited way that they always did when he knew that it was almost time to go home. His stomach had already been doing preparatory flips for the past half hour, and it was all he could do to suppress the full level of excitement which would inevitably produce the beginnings of what would eventually become a torrent of sweat that would immediately darken the shade of the light blue oxford shirt he wore and cause suspect stains on his trousers.

The train ride back would be infuriating, he was sure of that. It was Wednesday, and the oddest day of the week for mass transit. Every method of travel was heavily oversubscribed on a Wednesday as if everyone decided to go to work that particular day of the week, over all the others. Mondays were quiet, and Fridays seemed to only cater for a handful of people not taking vacation, snow or sick days. Tonight, he would no doubt get stuck sandwiched between some fat smelly man and two women who would talk incessantly about the latest episode of whatever daily soap opera they had Tivo’d and were rushing home to watch. Why they needed to speculate on something they were just half an hour away from actually seeing was beyond him.

It would all wash away when he reached his front door, removed his shoes and socks and then slipped the key into the lock. One simple twist of his wrist would follow, together with a quick shove of the door and then he could step inside. His feet would immediately sink into the plush shag carpet and, as his eyes remained closed, he would be able to savour the moment and let the feeling of ecstasy climb slowly up through his toes; through his legs where the hairs would stand on end; past his thighs which would twitch in time to his rapidly increased heartbeat and then? and then? finally to his groin.

Published inEndless Beginnings