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In the beginning….

In the beginning there was the word. Several in fact. They decided to get together after finding life was harsh and lonely in their worlds of isolation. People would point and stare, but that was probably because People was a plural word. It had never tasted the bitter pain of life as an outcast; as one who could not converse with others and seemed doomed to a life of solitude.

It began with A, for he was the smallest and therefore the most insignificant. On the plus side he had height, sharp points and great angularity. And because he was composed of just one letter, he had more freedom than the others. During the endless hours alone he had managed to shrink himself to a lower case and as such a could talk to the others – bring them onside without giving the game away too early.

He started with Upon, as she was perhaps the least popular word in the vicinity. Most put that down to a sense of aloofness which she seemed to exude, but she preferred to think it was because she started with a U, like Unique.

Time was the toughest of the three to convince, but when Once was on side thanks to the flirtatiousness of Upon, it was a piece of cake. Their shared es being the glue that bonded them to each other.

And as they posed for the photograph that would demonstrate their new found unity, People stared at them. And People felt envy.

Focus. Click. Snap. Cheese.

Once Upon A Time.

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